Who We Are

International Relation Office (IRO) was formally established on 2011. IRO is responsible for developing and maintaining international cooperation and activities within Narotama University. IRO also help foreign students in the campus regarding their immigration paper work. With dynamic, multiple talents officers, IRO is ready to develop Narotama University to be A World Class University.

Program & Event

Take a look on IRO Narotama University’s activities. A compilation of Narotama University’s international events per year up to the current agenda.

Foreign Students

Narotama University have been hosting international students for years. They come from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, East Timor and many more. To ensure international students comply to the immigration law in Indonesia, IRO is providing a ONE DAY SERVICE for international students regarding their immigration paperwork.

International Colaboration

International Collaborations has become one of the key strategy of Narotama University. Thus Narotama University expand international collaborations with foreign universities and institutions, exchanging best practices and conducting international mobility and scientific programs based on reciprocal principle.

We provide a " ONE DAY SERVICE " for Foreign Students Immigration Documents

Types of Documents:

  • Sponsorship Letter.
  • Alih Status.
  • Visa Extention.
  • EPO.
  • Re - Entry Permit.
  • Study Permit.
  • KITAS (New / Extention).

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